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Start off 2023 feeling deeply nourished, energized, rejuvenated, cleansed, blissful, and alive.

Join our 30 Day Conscious Dance Challenge this January 15th - February 13th.

The one we did in October was incredible so I decided to offer it again.

All you need to do is practice for five to 30+ minutes a day. And then post about in our online community.

For only $20 you'll get 30 days access to Ekstasis Dance online and:

✨ a growing video library of Conscious Dance lessons, mini-practices, and full length practices

✨Spotify playlists

✨ journaling and reflection questions

✨ my loving guidance from the comfort of your own home on your own time

✨ an online community of movers from around the world for support, encouragement, and accountability

Click here to sign up!

See you soon?

This is one of my favourite movement practices. It is super simple and can even be done in bed as part of your morning routine.

I call it The Wiggle after reading the Anastasia books. In the books she often finds a place in the forest in the morning to lay down and just wiggle around as part of her self-care practice. It was also inspired by a yoga book I read that suggested doing "Bed Yoga."

Enjoy! Please comment below about your experience with the practice.

In light that I am no longer offering evening online conscious dance classes, I have started offering the occasional Facebook Live mini practice. These practices will be 5-7 min long and easy to incorporate into your day. I’m sure you can find 5-10 min in your day to tune into your body and give it a little dance / movement break. You'll also be able to mix and match the mini practices so that you create your own longer practice if you choose.

Please LIKE my Ekstasis Dance and Bodywork Facebook page and turn your notifications on for my live videos so that you'll be notified when I offer my next one. I'll usually be offering them between 1:30-2:30pm MT here and there throughout the week.

Here is my first mini practice offering for you:

Please let me know your experience of it by commenting on my Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook you can also watch it on my YouTube channel here and leave your comments there.

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