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Conscious Dance Event
Organizer Training

16hr Online Certification and Training

Want to attend the live course?

Have you attended an Ecstatic Dance or Dance Temple event?

Would you like to create an event like this for your community?


Or would you like to be a DJ or Host at one?

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This training is for all those that would like to either create a Conscious Dance event in thier area or want to be a Host or DJ at their local event.

In this 2 Day training you will learn everything you need to know to confidently host or DJ at a Conscious Dance event. As well as all the logistical ins and outs of organizing the event.

 Training Includes:
2 Days of Teaching, Discussion, and Practice
Reading, Journalling, & Assignments
Online Community of Conscious Dance Event Organizers


"This course is a great way to get an understanding of how to set up and run a conscious dance event.


I learned a lot about building a playlist to establish a mood or theme. I also loved exploring the DJ technology,  and I got a lot of questions cleared up about event logistics.


Hope did a great job facilitating a split online/in person class. I felt included the whole time."

Shanan Winters

Meet the Faculty

Hope Corbin - Program Director and Lead Instructor

Hope has been facilitating transformational dance classes, workshops and events for over 20 years. Initially inspired by the 5 Rhythms she went on to study Kundalini Dance™ with Leyolah Dekanic and became the first Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator in North America. She was a program assistant and assistant teacher for the Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator Trainings from 2005 - 2011.

She offered her first Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training in 2013 and has gone on to offer many more. 

She has studied and is inspired by the 5 Rhythms™, Kundalini Dance™, Trance Dance™, Yoga Trance Dance™, Bellyfit™, Authentic Movement, Somatic Stress Release™, Dancing Freedom, Hawaiian Shamanism and Bodywork, and more...

She is the founder of and a DJ for Dance Temple Edmonton, which was founded in 2012.

She is a mother to a very creatively expressive toddler, a Bellyfit™ Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Practitioner and Instructor, DJ, Gardener, and creative spirit.


Online Course


Get access to 16hrs of instructional video PLUS hand outs, resources, and an online community for questions and support.







Live Course

The live course will be offered once a year over a 2 day period. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next course opens.

Course Curriculum

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • The Format of an Ecstatic Dance or Conscious Dance Event

    • Who is playing the music? Multiple resident DJs or one resident DJ, or other options

    • Pay What You Can vs Set Price: the pros and cons

    • Important Guidelines for a Conscious Dance Event

    • How to create safe space and inclusivity

    • The structure or flow of the event

  • The structure of and how to lead an Opening Circle

  • The flow or map of the musical journey

  • The structure of and how to lead the Closing Circle

    • different ways to lead the closing circle

    • different ways to close the event​

  • How to hold safe sacred space at an event

  • The Logistics

    • The business of organizing and hosting an Ecstatic Dance or Conscious Dance event​

    • Non-profit vs for profit: pros and cons

    • How to market your event

    • Different options and ideas for paying DJs

    • How to find an appropriate space, important things to think about

    • important details about setting up and tearing down the event

    • recruiting and managing volunteers

  • Different ways to plan and create playlists and DJ sets for the event

  • How to find appropriate music

  • Foundational DJ skills

  • Technology and Sound System logistics

  • PLUS all the things I've learnt from making mistakes while organizing these events over the last 20 years, and my top tips and tricks that have come from my lived experience organizing Conscious Dance Events


"I think this training was definitely worth the cost.


I loved going through the music and dancing to feel it, listening to the music for different sections of the dance, and starting my own playlists. I liked how the course was a balance of well prepared content and in the moment spontaneous teaching.


Moving forward, I am inspired to do my best to create an ongoing inclusive dance temple experience where I live."

Leah Legault

Tuition Options

Payment Plan

$211 CAD

2 Monthly Payments

Full Tuition

$397 CAD

1 Payment



When does the training start?

You can start anytime with the self-paced online course or if you would like to attend the live course on the waitlist to be amongst the first to find out when the live course will be.

When are the live classes?

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm

How much is the training?

Go HERE for the pricing.

Still have questions? Message me with your questions...

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