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Dance Temple Guidelines


No conversations in the dance space. Whispered essential speech only (eg. where is the bathroom?) People come to Dance Temple to practice movement as meditation, along with creative expression.


As Dance Temple IS about building community, you are welcome to invite someone (through body language) to join you in the foyer or hallway to have a conversation. 


If you witness a conversation happening in the dance space, you are welcome to gently remind people of this request (with a ‘shh’ gesture).


Making sounds or vocalizations with your voice are welcome and encouraged, however please tune in if it is authentic to the moment or if it will become distracting to others.



Please care for yourself and others by:

1) Taking a shower before you arrive

2) Bringing a towel to wipe up any wake you leave behind

3) Wearing deodorant to prevent body odour



Please refrain from wearing anything scented in the space (including essential oils). This includes the burning of smudge and incense unless previously approved by the organizers. 



Explore moving into altered states without the use of substances (No drugs or alcohol please!)



We kindly ask that you do not use your phone or smart device in the dance space. If you need to use your device, please do so in the foyer or outside. As you can imagine, it's distracting otherwise. 



We also ask that you do not take photos at Dance Temple. This is to respect the safety and sacredness of the space, and to help others feel safe. It is also a distraction.



Please move, dance, stretch, breath, in any way that feels good to you. There is no right or wrong way to move, and this is not about looking pretty or having the best dance moves. 


Do your best not to judge or have expectations of yourself and others. The more freedom you give to yourself, the more you will support others to do the same. Initially you may feel self-conscious, but you will be surprised how quickly that passes.

Enjoy your own personal dance or spark up creative movement with others, if there is mutual agreement.


If you wish to dance with another, look for eye contact or the body language of an invitation (if that isn't there then it's a "no"). Remember that a person's willingness to dance can change from moment to moment or week to week. If you are complete with a partner dance or would like to lovingly decline dancing with someone, use the universal sign of prayer hands at the heart and a little bow of the head.


Dance Temple is a great space to practice your consent skills. Please also ask for consent when offering hugs, massage, or any physical touch/contact. 


** KIDS **

Kids are welcome as long as they can honor all Dance Temple guidelines including honouring the dance space as a no conversation  zone. Sounds and body language are welcome. 


Parents are asked to kindly monitor their kids and keep them close (at arm's reach). If it's quiet (especially at the beginning and ending), and your kids aren't - please see that they are guided into relative silence. Otherwise we will ask you to take them outside so as not to distract others from the proceedings.



Please go barefoot or wear only non-marking indoor shoes or sneakers in the dance space.



  • A non-judgmental safe space to explore the joy of creative movement and expression.

  • Tune into an eclectic selection of musical flavors from a revolving lineup of experienced facilitators.

  • Be Inspired and explore new ways to move your body.

  • Opening and closing circles to set intentions and for integration.

  • No facilitation, you are welcome to move as you like.

  • We celebrate the diversity of our dance tribe! We encourage people to show up in whatever identity they are embodying.


To bring and reminders: 

 - Bring a water bottle & small towel if you intend to sweat.

  • Breathe.

  • Take care of yourself, others and the space.

  • There is no dress code, where whatever you feel comfortable moving and sweating in.


We acknowledge with deep respect that we gather on Treaty 6 land, traditional territory of many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people including Cree, Blackfoot, Saulteaux, Nakota, and Dene.

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