Waitlist for the next Dance as Medicine Program is now open!

Many years ago I was dancing outside under the stars at an outdoor music festival. All of a sudden I felt a knowing inside of me that dance was "my work", and I looked to the heavens and prayed with my movements, "please show me how dance is my work and how I can support myself doing this work."

It was shortly after that the book "Dance Your Prayers" by Gabrielle Roth was handed to me and I discovered there was a movement and a practice called Ecstatic Dance. I started attending every workshop or class I could and felt deeply that this was my work in the world.

Fast-forward to close to 20 years later and I have had the pleasure of 'dance as a healing and spiritual practice' be the work that I do. Sometimes full-time and sometimes part-time. It has been much of the way I have supported myself throughout the last 20 years.

Have you felt a similar call within you? Do you feel that your purpose for being here is to share your passion for dance and movement with others? Or do you simply want to dive deeper into the healing medicine of dance?

If your answer is yes, then I invite you to join me for a 9 month online journey I call 'Dance As Medicine.'This program is for both those that want to facilitate conscious ecstatic dance and movement ceremonies in their communities, and for those who want to dive deeper into their practice.

Normally I offer this as an in-person training, however given the current circumstances that we are amidst a global pandemic, and local restrictions limit me from offering such a training, I have finally decided to take it online.

How it will work:

- Weekly online classes for 2-3 hours on Wednesdays at 1:30 MST (UTC -7). These classes will be recorded, and although I would prefer you to attend them live, if you are unable to then you will be able to catch up via the replay that will be posted within 48hrs.

- A monthly class on Saturday afternoon (exact time to be determined) for 3 hours. This class will be required for you to attend in person as much as possible, especially if you want to certify as a facilitator, as we will be doing practicum practice.

- A few Q&A sessions when needed to answer your questions and offer support to your journey. This will alternate between 10am MST and 7:30pm MST to allow those in different time zones to participate.

- Should you choose to certify as a facilitator, you will need to participate in a final co-taught class or submit a video of you teaching a class, along with submitting all written assignments and practicum feedback forms. As well there will be a final one-on-one certification call with me.

Depending on interest, I plan to offer this training starting this March.

Want to join this journey? Then please sign up for the waitlist and you will be amongst the first to know when registration opens.

I LOVE teaching this training, so I hope you will join me!



PS Watch this testimonial from a student from the last training to learn more about what this experience could offer you.

PPS Want to learn more about Conscious Movement / Ecstatic Dance and how it can benefit you? Sign up for my FREE online class 'Dance as Medicine'