Dance As Medicine

Facilitator Training

A 9 Month Online Training & Certificaton

Starts March 2022


Do you feel called to share your love for dance with others? 

Is dance your spiritual practice, your healing medicine,

the way you connect deeply with yourself?


Would you like to learn more tools to go deeper in your own practice?

This training is both personal and professional development. It is perfect for those wanting to go deeper in their own personal healing journey AND for those that would like to hold space for others and share their passion.

I feel passionate about supporting your unique gifts, medicine, creativity and message to be nurtured in this training.  I am not inspired to teach you how to do what I do… but support you in being the most YOU CAN BE.

Learn the foundations of dance as a healing and spiritual practice, facilitation skills and tools, creating sacred space and transformational containers, class planning, music selection, authentic heart-centred marketing, as well as exploring several conscious ecstatic dance modalities as sources of inspiration.

There is a strong focus in this training on deepening your own dance practice as I firmly believe that the deeper a facilitator goes into their own journey, the better they are equipped to hold space for others.  Learning how to navigate your own internal journey - body, heart, mind and spirit -  supports you to guide others to do the same.


  • Create a safe sacred space for healing and transformation.

  • Creatively warm up the body and connect the participants.

  • Effectively hold space for emotional energy release and integration.

  • Create sessions that are trauma informed.

  • Plan and map a dance session that is healing, fun, and transformational.

  • Both facilitate and use your voice effectively.

  • Theme your classes in a way that aligns with your unique message and gifts.

  • Choose and plan the music for a session, including basic DJ skills

  • Navigate the energetic and emotional anatomy of yourself and your students.

  • Use the healing power of dance and ecstasy to heal yourself and others.

  • Offer space and tools for effective integration.

  • Use the technology needed to teach classes online

  • Market your classes in an effective, authentic, and heart centred way

  • Move beyond your blocks and gain the confidence you need to truly share your gifts in the world

And more...


 Certificate Includes

9 months of Teaching, Discussion, and Practice

9 Modules of Live Online Teaching in Dance as Medicine

Reading, Journalling, & Assignments

Q & A Calls and Coaching

Online Community of Dance as Medicine Practitioners and Facilitators

Meet the Faculty

Hope Corbin - Program Director and Lead Instructor
Hope has been facilitating transformational dance classes, workshops and events for over 20 years. Initially inspired by the 5 Rhythms she went on to study Kundalini Dance™ with Leyolah Dekanic and became the first Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator in North America. She was a program assistant and assistant teacher for the Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator Trainings from 2005 - 2011.
She offered her first Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training in 2013 and has gone on to offer two more. This will be her fourth, and she has renamed the training as she is informed by more modalities than just Ecstatic Dance.
She has studied and is inspired by 5 Rhythms™, Kundalini Dance™, Trance Dance™, Yoga Trance Dance™, Bellyfit™, Authentic Movement, Somatic Stress Release™, Dancing Freedom, Hawaiian Shamanism and Bodywork, and more...
She is a mother to a very creatively expressive toddler, a Bellyfit™ Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Practitioner and Instructor, DJ, Gardener, and creative spirit.
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Tiffany Sparrow - Music Therapist, Music Sound as Medicine

With “pure tones and soulful lyrics,” Tiffany Sparrow Grace weaves her ambient folksy-roots style through her performances of original songs, cover tunes and Sanskrit mantras. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Sparrow has performed across Western Canada on multiple occasions and toured with several well-known Kirtan artists such as Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Karnamrita Dasi and Shimshai. She is sought out to offer performance-presentations and lectures at conferences and yoga teacher trainings and her music has been featured live on CTV morning.

Tiffany Sparrow is an accredited music therapist (MTA) currently working in hospital settings assisting with pain reduction, emotional support, speech and movement rehabilitation. She is completing her MA in ethnomusicology, researching the health implications of group chanting and has also taught “An Introduction to Music Therapy” course for four terms at St. Stephen’s College. Sparrow has taught and studied yoga and mantra since 2004 with teachers such as Yogrishi Vishvketu.

Having traveled extensively, Sparrow brings her experience with global musics for health and well-being to her therapeutic work as well as her performances. She is passionate about sharing the impact of intentional sound. Music, infused with awareness and grace, has tremendous power to remind us of who we are.

Renee McLachlan - Soulful Coach
Renee supports soul centred coaches, facilitators, and healers to claim the highest vision for their business through Spiritual connection and intuitive guidance, embodiment, and the deep healing of their limiting subconscious beliefs. She believes that each being has unique gifts that are vital to the collective. 

Renee has been coaching and facilitating since 2014 in the realms of subconscious reprogramming, sexuality, inner child work, self-expression, and Spirituality and has shared classes and workshops around the world at retreats, events and festivals, and online. She is a certified EFT practitioner & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. 
Program Details
Next session starts March 2022 and runs for 9 months.

Meet for 3hrs once a week on Wednesdays from 12 - 3pm MT, and one Saturday a month from 1- 4pm MT via Zoom.

Sessions are recorded if you can't make a class, however you are highly highly encouraged to be present for the Saturday classes if you plan to complete certification.

Tuition Options

Payment Plan

$315 CAD

$333 CAD

10 Monthly Payments

Full Tuition

$2997 CAD

$3330 CAD

1 Payment




Here are some testimonials from students who have graduated from the program:

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When does the training start?

The next training starts March 2022. You can now register at the extra earlybird rate for the next few weeks.

When are the classes?

Classes are every Wednesday from 12pm-3pm MST (UTC-7) and one Saturday a month from 1pm -4pm MST.

Although I would love for you attend the Wednesday classes, if you can not make it will be recorded and you can watch it later.


The Saturday classes are highly recommend to attend for anyone that wants to certify. You can catch up by watching the replay, however it won't be the same as you will be spending time practicing teaching during the class and receiving coaching and feedback from both myself and the other students.

How much homework is there?

I always say that the amount you put into the training is what you will get out of it. That being said I do not give grades nor do I hound people about their homework. I strongly believe in personal responsibility.

There is a reading list, and there are 5 books I highly recommend you read. 

There are journalling questions in each module, and I do ask you to submit the entries you are okay with sharing. You have a month to submit them. This is primarily for accountability, and so you don't do all the journalling in the last month. This has been requested by previous students. I will give you time during class to do the journalling or at least get a good start on it.

I do encourage you to find one day a week (or every two weeks or once a month) to practice teaching. This might be just in your living room for one to two friends or family members.

Please read the Certification Requirements below for more information about homework.

How much is the training?

Go HERE for the pricing.

How do I certify? What are the requirements?

In order to certify you need to hand in:

  • all journalling assignments (just the parts you are okay sharing.)

  • Two 3-page book reports

  • Personal Feedback on two classes you have taught

  • Participant Feedback on two classes you have taught

  • Two maps of classes you have created and taught

  • A video of you teaching a full length class

And then book a certification call with me. In it you will have a chance to ask any mentoring question and receive supportive feedback.

There is an extra fee of $333 in order to certify.

You will have 6 months after the training to complete the list above and book the call.

Still have questions? Message me with your questions...